App Features

One of the largest pitfalls for registered citizens has always been staying out of unlawfull zones, but not always knowing when they are too close to one. Now, there's an app for that!

Can't Miss Warnings

Utilizing both audible and vibratory warnings for dangerous proximity to RSO unlawful zones.

Automatic Sign-In

No need to sign in each time you open the app, it remembers you and handles that effortlessly.

Your Device Capable

Designed from the ground up to cover every major device out there, this will work for everyone.

Resource Area

Starting out with local treatment centers, and lawyers, growing to include housing and local laws.

How it Works

SO Maps utilizes a database that we have created that currently encompasses over 200,000 geographical unlawfull locations such as schools, daycares, playgrounds, and parks, as well as local laws on allowed distance from these places. This allows the APP user to be notified promptly should they encroach on legal boundaries.

App Image

Endless Possiblities

This is only the beginning. This app will grow with the times and expand as necessary. I welcome all feedback and will consider any and all feature requests for future versions. This app is for us, and as such, will grow to cover every possible need we have.

Secure Platform

The app is one-way, meaning we only send data, we do not collect or give it to anyone..

Fast & Reliable

Utilizing ulta-fast linux servers that are designed to grow with the app means less downtime.

Unlimited Locations

Currently over 200,000 unlawfull locations nationwide, our database is ever expanding.

The Best Gift

This app offers every citizen the freedom of being aware and being free.

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This is OUR app, the one made specifically for RSO's.

Including the ability to warn you when you are in close proximity, or within the legal boundaries of dangerous locations, as well as a handy resource area that starts off with local treatment centers and sex offense lawyers and is scheduled to grow next with local laws and ordinances, and available housing options.